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About Roger Yuen

I've had the privilege to work with many great teams in unique industries. My career started in art creation, then grew into team building and management. Backed by my rich history of experience, I began running production for entire divisions. My skills evolved, and I found a place within the user experience movement. I've been more than fortunate to have these opportunities. I'm ready to grow into the next stage of the game.

I bring unmatched expertise to the digital creative and production space. My goals resonate across careers and companies: be a positive contributor, collaborate constantly, lead teams to success, and build great products with great people.

My Latest Projects

My Projects & Portfolio

Studio Building

Building structure through strong leadership. Focus on growth and career goals while working with small nimble teams.

Invest in the Team

Building growth trajectories for all disciplines within the studio. Everyone one can visualize, track, and work toward their career goals.

Smart Scalability

Leveraging outsourcing, contractors, and freelance relationships to increase production and offer quick scalability when needed.

Relationships Matter

Working with IP licensing teams and high-profile clients.

Navigating internal and external expectations.

Making them Agile

Teaching the team to be agile and adopt Jira and Confluence as project resources.

Art from Start to Finish

Building out an Art team from scratch to bring slots into the gaming arena.

Visual Content Section

New UI/UX Arena

Evolving the team to take on mobile movement. Bring in the full UI/UX Discipline

Building UI/UX for Mobile

Taking on the User Experience needs at Scientific Games.

AAA Games Era

My foundations in the console game industry.

Mobile Game Phenomenon

The explosion of mobile games changed my life.

The Casino Game Movement

Surprisingly found myself creating for an industry that uniquely leveraged my skills.

Artist & Designer at Heart

I’m still firmly rooted by a passion for Art and Design. It propelled me to such great experiences. | 847.962.3737

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