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The Casino Game Movement

Shortly after my second run in mobile gaming, I received the opportunity to take my skill set into the casino industry.

In 2013, Scientific Games (previously WMS) was looking to take their casino slots into the digital realm. They wanted to gamify the products and break into the online gaming industry.

I was brought on to build an art team that would handle visual art conversions of all the popular staple games and build new original games using popular slot design mechanics.

This was an exciting challenge, to build a team from scratch. Finding the proper talent and skill sets would be key to forming a well-oiled art team. You can find more details of this particular process

here in my projects section.

Here is a small set of extremely popular slot games that we put through an art conversion process to optimize them for online performance. We reworked the art scale and size, rebuilt the UI/UX, adapted the resolution to go on web and mobile, rebuilt animations, created additional art, optimized performance of all assets and more. I worked on the majority of UI/UX standards, optimization of animations and art assets, and general art direction.

This is a newer set of slot games at the cutting edge of our industry. New modern UX standards called for a reinvention of how a game was built and displayed. The gameplay to the users was new and required a thoughtful design and layout. I worked on the majority of UI/UX standards, portrait mode standardizations, art creation, and general art direction.

During my time at Scientific Games, my team and I were asked to explore original creations and new looks. Above is a pass at a few paths we took to take the aesthetic of the future slot games into a more video game centric route. This was EXTREMELY fun for the team and I to take on, one of the more creative stretches we had. I worked on the majority of UI/UX standards, art creation, and general art direction.

Based off of Zeus III, we built this high-tech planetary version called Spaceboost with roaming wild symbols!

This was a fun push, playing off of Crystal Forest's cascading reel system. Enjoy the pixel blocks of Pig Rich!

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