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AAA Games Era

I spent most of my early career working on AAA games. 


I started out as a UI Artist and Concept Artist for the NBA Live, March Madness, and NBA Street Series. I evolved into a Texture Artist and 3D Environment Artist during my time on Fight Night, Def Jam Icon, and an unreleased Marvel game. As I grew, I took on team leadership with Robomodo (Activision) on the Tony Hawk Ride & Shred Series. 

Below is a selection of games art and imagery for the projects mentioned.

Fight Night Round 3 was one of the best games I’ve ever worked on. My role was in environment modeling and texturing with a technique we used called photogrammetry. I also did blood and sweat animation with the FX department. I handled light UI/UX work as well.

Marvel Project (Unreleased) This was one of my dream scenarios. I worked on environment modeling and textures. I led a small pod of environment artists to build and complete levels. One of my main roles was to stylize the textures in game to help achieve an outlined comic book render feel to all objects. I did light UI and menu work as well.

NBA Street Series I worked on NBA Street and NBA Street Vol. 2 as a concept designer, UI/UX artist, and texture artist. I am extremely proud to have been a part of this game. It was an era of great arcade style basketball. The audience still speaks very fondly of these 2 versions of NBA Street. It was an honor and humbling to have been a part of these projects.

Def Jam ICON My role in this game was building and texturing environments. I also animated and implemented all the shatter style effects for in-game levels. This was my first taste of team leadership, where I led a small pod (3 people) of environment artists to build and complete levels efficiently.

Tony Hawk Ride & Tony Hawk Shred Shred was the most recent AAA game I worked on for a local Chicago studio called Robomodo (Activision). I did level work as well as creating assets and the structural bases for the levels I managed. In RIDE, my role was to manage 2 other contract workers. As a team of 3, we stylized all the textures in the game to achieve the cartoonish look and feel. I was also in charge of polishing assets and structures that didn’t make the high quality bar that was set by the Art Director.


NBA Live & March Madness Series When I started my career (December 1999) in the console games industry I worked on these titles: NBA Live 2000, NBA Live 2001, NBA Live 2002, March Madness 2002, and March Madness 2003. I love basketball, so it was a fantastic experience. I designed and created the UI/UX for the games, texture mapped characters, and worked on translations.

Since the art is a bit older, I haven’t included it. If you are interested in a blast from the past, I can send samples—just reach out!

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